Some Of The Reasons You Should Never Take an Unfinished Car To A Car Show

The only reason I can think of why anyone would ever take a project car to a car show is to get some ideas and opinions. Nobody should ever take a project car to a car show wanting to win that is just crazy but if it is answers and opinions and ideas you seek you should take it.

The only reason someone should even being a car like this to a car show is to get ideas and answers. Or the person just might not know how to build up the car and is trying to sell it for a low price. Maybe they want to get connections so people can help them with the car; there are many different reasons why someone would bring a project car to a car show.

Most of all people just don't know how much money and hard time it takes to restore and make an old car look brand new or just good in general. It takes hundreds of hours of work to get the car finished. It also takes thousands of dollars as well to even get the parts for the car to even get started on building it. There are many things one most takes into mind when building and restoring a car.

If you are really interested in bringing your unfinished car to a car show then you need to make sure that you go to the event organizers and make sure that it is fine with them before you stroll on up with an unfinished car many events will tell you to get your car and go but others might like the fact that you are looking for ideas and that you are really trying to build a good car.

The only thing that you shouldn't do if they do allow you to show the car is engine work, you will want to avoid messing with the motor at all during the show because some car shows are at night and some are not but the point is that you do not want to lose any vital engine parts while at a car show with all of those people there around your car. A baby or kid could pick up a vital part and walk off with it.

A lot of other people may be interested in your car and may ask you many questions about your car while you are there. Even though you may be trying to work on it and get ideas at the same time it is good karma to just stop and take the time to talk to someone about your car you never know they could be someone that could help you and they just want to know what you have done first before they tell you who they are and how they are going to help you out. There are just so many people out there and so many friends that will love to help you.


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