How To Quickly And Easily Detail Your Car For A Car Show

At a car show you will want your car to stand out to the people that are judging your car so you will want to keep it cleaned and well detailed for any car show that might come up in the weeks or months to come. It is important to keep your car clean from the exterior to the interior of the car. You will want to just have it clean always so it doesn't make it hard when you do have a car show to go to it wont take as long to clean and wash before you have to be at the event.

Before any car show or event that pertains to cars looking good you should check out your windows and make sure that they are clean and well maintained. Just give them a little cleaning before you go and when you get to the event so that they shiny when people look at them on your car.

Every piece of chrome on your car you will need to clean and polish to make sure that it is shiny and looks good with no smears and smudges. Everything from the grill of your car to the rims will need to by cleaned and polished as well with anything on the interior of the car as well will need to be cleaned. There is no point to having chrome if it doesn't shine.

You will also want your tires to look good as well so they will need to be cleaned as well. This goes for the tires and the rims even if you have already cleaned and washed the rims it wont hurt to polish them up a bit when you're washing the tires as well. Just 5 more minutes is all it will take to get them looking good.

You will want to avoid eating in the car before any contest or event. Just to be on the safe side so that you do not get anything in the inside of the car. Just keep it clean and avoid even driving it after you have cleaned it for your event. That is why you clean it the night before an event or the morning of the event so your ride looks its best in the show. It will make no sense if you don't clean it the night before or morning of. Just remember to clean everything and make it shiny. Shiny is better and if the judges cannot see their faces on your car then your car is no where near clean. So be sure to at least be able to see yourself in your cars paint before you take it to the car show. You should be able to count the freckles on your face after you clean the car and are standing there looking at the paintjob. So just be sure to get it clean and looking good before any event that you plan on attending.


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