Some Of The Reasons The Lincoln Continues To Lead In The Luxury Market

There are but a few luxury vehicles that could really match the Lincoln Marque. This luxury vehicle wowed the market in 1998 and was considered the best selling luxury vehicle at that time. What makes the Lincoln Marque a bestseller? This car has superior driving abilities on top of its excellent high end features and ensures very comfortable and enjoyable rides. In fact, in 1998, the Lincoln Marque became one of the symbols of prestige. Many known personalities around the country are known to drive this luxury car around town.

The secret behind the success of the Lincoln division of Ford Motors lies in the superb engineering that comes with the company's tradition of excellence. Aside from the Marque, there are other members of the Lincoln division that have caused some ripples in the market and have earned their marks in the luxury vehicle industry. The Lincoln Navigator, the Lincoln Continental and Lincoln Town Car have also been symbols of prestige and power among Americans.

The genesis of the Lincoln history of excellence started with the Lincoln Continental that really got people talking for a while. The Lincoln Continental was originally made for Edsel Ford's personal use. This car generated a lot of praises from people, so much so that Mr. Ford had to give up his sole claim on the model and have it mass produced for general consumption. To be true to its promise of being one of the ultimate luxury cars that ever touched the streets of the Earth, the Lincoln continental was manufactured using only the finest auto parts that Ford Motors could find in their plant. Eventually, the Lincoln Continental evolved into a limousine, which was launched as the Lincoln Town Car in 1959.

In our present time, the Lincoln Town Car is still very much visible together with the new generation of Lincoln models. Although it had undergone a lot of improvements and modifications in features to suit the needs of the modern times, this car still retains the traditional elegance and comfort of the first Lincoln Town Car. As for the new generation Lincoln models on the market, the Lincoln Navigator, a sports utility vehicle, share the major Lincoln parts together with the other Ford utility vehicle, the Ford Expedition. Being SUVs, they are built with sturdy materials that can withstand rough terrains and other extreme road conditions.

Lincoln automobiles are truly a remarkable work of art and are highly functional as well. As it is it, one should never attempt to replace any parts therein that is not at par with the total composition of the car. It is imperative that if one should replace some parts of these cars, one should only get these spare parts from OEM dealers and not from any other company which may not be carrying the right parts.


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